Moggerhanger Park

Garden Volunteers

Garden Volunteers

Job Description

The work will include bringing the walled gardens back to their full horticultural potential, developing the Garden wood, creation and maintenance of formal borders around the house and establishing the orchard area.

Main activities/tasks:

To assist in seasonal gardening tasks throughout the year that will develop as the gardens develop.Volunteers will work in supervised groups led by the Head Gardener.

Some tasks may be physically demanding and will require a level of manual dexterity; gardening will be in all weathers within reason.Volunteers will work within the Moggerhanger Park health and safety policies and procedures.We accept applications of all abilities and ages (above 18 years old).

  • Garden maintenance – including weeding, mulching, edging, raking, digging over, staking and tying in, pruning, dead heading, bed preparation, tidying and path maintenance.

  • Seasonal propagation and growing on – including seed sowing, cuttings, potting up.

  • Composting – turning and application to garden beds

  • Bed renovation and grounds development – reinstating and installing beds, ground preparation, planting.

  • Clearing overgrown areas – keeping on top of invasive plant species, as advised by the Head Gardener.

  • Woodland management–clearance, planting, coppicing, habitat creation, flora diversification.

  • Meadow management (Orchard area) – ground preparation, over-sowing (cutting of meadows to be actioned by Head Gardener) raking and removal of arisings.

  • While support and training will be provided, very often volunteers may work independently or without one-to-one supervision.

Relevant experience / skills

  • All levels of horticultural experience are accepted but enthusiasm for outside practical horticulture work is essential.

  • Flexible – willing to give support where necessary and be willing to change jobs at short notice to adapt to changing priorities.

  • Approachable – have a positive attitude where staff and management feel at ease to approach and discuss in a constructive manner.

  • Ability to listen and follow instructions.

  • Ability to work safely and to not endanger yourself and others, using common sense to maintain a safe working environment.

  • Able to work in a team with people of wide ranging ages and abilities.

Training and support

  • We will provide volunteers with an induction, including health and safety procedures.Specific horticultural skills will be developed whilst on the job by the Head Gardener.


  • To work on a weekly basis preferably, but fortnightly or monthly basis is also an option, if possible coming in on the same day and time each session.

  • Volunteer days: Tuesday or Thursday – Volunteers to state preferred day

  • Start: No earlier than 10am.Finish by 3:30pm.Lunch break 1-2pm.

Additional information

The volunteer gardening programme will be a wonderful opportunity to gain an exciting horticultural experience as well as an opportunity to work with other people, developing team work and essential social skills.

Main points of contact:

Head Gardener or General Manager


(Head Gardener)

(General Manager)

Opening times

House Tours Resume 28th March 2017
The Garden Rooms Café Every weekend 10am to 4pm