Find the Rainbows At Moggerhanger Park

Can you find the Rainbow Rocks hidden at Moggerhanger Park?

Every weekend 5 Rainbow Rocks ( as pictured) will be hidden within the grounds. 
Find one and bring it to the Garden Rooms Cafe to claim a free treat!

Each rock has a clue on the back. This clue corresponds to a Rainbow Egg which you will find at the Garden Rooms Cafe. Open the egg and discover your treat!

Treats include Ice Cream, Cake, Milkshake and more
This event is FREE to take part in.
On every Saturday and Sunday until Sunday, July 15th

Love Rock Hunting, then why not join our Moggerhanger Park Rocks Group

Only 1 rock can be claimed per person per day.
Rocks need to be handed into the Cafe team in order to claim the prize.
The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or any other items.
Runs on a Saturday and Sunday only.
There is no charge to take part.


Karen Fryc